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Holts TEC1 Air Conditioning Cleaner 150ml


Holts TEC1 Air Conditioning Cleaner 150ml

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The Holts Air Conditioning Cleaner works in minutes to eliminate odours from your car. The antibacterial action ensures that smells are removed rather than just masked, and it contains a pleasant lemon aroma to leave your car smelling fresh and clean.

The smells that build up in your car can be hard to get rid of. The odours can build up in your air conditioner, meaning they just circulate each time you use it. To truly rid your car of odours and leave the interior fresh, use Holts Air Con Cleaner.

Simple to use: -

1. Start engine & set Aircon to full
2. Place the canister on the floor behind the drivers seat
3. Depress the auto actuator & exit the vehicle
4. Leave for approx 10 mins with engine running until canister has completely emptied
5. Ventilate vehicle & switch off engine

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